Reductions and Discounts

In the event that a meal is missed due to reasons attributable to Star Tours, we will provide a refund of 9 Euros for lunch and 12 Euros for dinner per person, per missed meal.

We understand your query, however, in compliance with legal regulations, we are required to allocate a seat for all passengers, including infants. Consequently, we are unable to provide a discount for not utilising a seat.

For the utmost safety of your child during travel, we strongly recommend utilizing a car seat. Your cooperation and commitment to safety are deeply appreciated.

When considering arranging your own flights, it's essential to consult our sales team to determine if this is a viable option for your selected tour and to be informed of the applicable flight reduction amounts.

However, bear in mind that if you opt to book a tour excluding the flight component, certain discounts, including early bird and special offers, will not be applicable. Our team is at your service to explore possible alternatives and assist with your travel arrangements to provide you with a fulfilling experience.

Yes, we do offer a loyalty program. For comprehensive details about how the scheme operates and how you can benefit from it, please refer to the "Loyalty Stars" section available in our materials or on our website. We're excited to reward you for your continued travel with us!

An "early bird offer" means you get a certain amount of money off the regular price when you book your trip before a specified date. This isn’t a discounted price, but a set saving applied to your booking. Please be aware that early bird offers typically do not apply to infant bookings. Watch for these offers on various tours to benefit from some savings!

The 5% and 10% discounts are thoughtfully crafted offers, exclusively designed to promote and introduce our new tours for the upcoming season. These discounts are limited, applicable only to bookings made during a specific, pre-defined promotional period. 

The 'Fourth Bed Reduction' refers to a policy in hotels where a fourth bed cannot be added to a room, offering a discount for the fourth person, who should be a child. In these cases, the second child will share the existing double bed with the parents.

Note: Considering the space limitations in standard-sized rooms, if the second child is older, securing two rooms may ensure a more comfortable and spacious stay.

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