To request a brochure, please visit our website at When making your request, please ensure that you provide a correct contact number. We may use this number to make follow-up calls regarding your brochure request. Thank you for your interest in Star Tours!

The website is directly linked to our live availability system. If a tour is no longer available or has reached its maximum capacity, it may not be listed on the website. This real-time connection ensures that the information on our website accurately reflects the current status of tour availability, allowing our customers to access up-to-date information and options for booking their desired tours

Here's an explanation of the fare options:

  • Children (Aged 11 and Under): Children in this age group traveling with two full fare paying adults are eligible for a discounted rate, making family travel more affordable.

  • Infants (Under 23 Months): Infants in this age category will be charged an additional fee if a separate coach seat is required for them during the journey.

  • Solo Travellers: For individuals traveling alone, a "Single Supplement" fee applies. This fee accounts for the difference in accommodation costs when occupying a room or seat alone, as opposed to sharing with another passenger.


Tour highlights are a comprehensive list of the key attractions and places of interest that you will visit during a specific tour. These highlights serve as a concise summary of the main sights and experiences you can expect on the tour, making it easy for you to compare different tours and quickly understand what will be covered in each itinerary. This overview allows you to make informed decisions about which tour aligns best with your interests and preferences.

Star Tours follows a dynamic pricing policy, which means that tour prices may vary based on several factors, including the availability of services or the introduction of new offerings. It's important to understand that the price confirmed at the time of your booking is final, and we cannot adjust it to match any previously seen prices. Keep in mind that our website will always display the most up-to-date pricing, as brochures are typically published several months in advance and may not reflect the latest updates. This approach ensures that you receive the most accurate and current pricing information when planning your tour.

While Star Tours doesn't provide specialized tours exclusively for individuals with mobility challenges, we are committed to making every effort to accommodate them to the best of our ability. For passengers with mobility aids like walking aids and manually collapsible wheelchairs, we offer storage in the baggage lockers. Please note that these aids must be collapsible. However, electric wheelchairs cannot be stored on our coaches. Our drivers are available to assist with loading and unloading wheelchairs, but it's important to understand that passengers must be physically capable of independently boarding and disembarking the coach.

A nominal charge for infants traveling on coaches is applied to ensure adherence to safety and regulatory standards. Every traveler, including infants, requires a designated seat to comply with transportation laws and facilitate a safe journey for all passengers.


For certain tour even though we might not be providing food or entrances for infants under two years of age, there are other considerations and costs involved when accommodating infants on our tours, especially those involving flights.

It's notable that hotel rooms and beds in Europe and the UK might be smaller than what you're used to. Generally, you'll find European double beds, which are more compact than the queen or king sizes available in other countries. Keeping these size differences in mind can help ensure a smoother travel experience across these regions

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