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Loyalty Stars

At Star Tours, we express our gratitude through our Loyalty Stars Programme! Every tour you book and complete with us earns you loyalty points, celebrating your continued adventures with us. These points accumulate with each journey, creating opportunities for exciting rewards and experiences in your future travels. Your adventures with us bring more than just beautiful memories - they bring added joys for journeys yet to come.

Earning loyalty points with Star Tours is simple. For each day of your UK tour, you gain 200 stars and for European tours, it’s 100 stars per day. These points, which are our way of saying thank you, can be used for various rewards and benefits as they accumulate.

Please note, stars are linked to your email address, so use the same account for each booking to ensure they are credited correctly

The number of loyalty stars you will receive can vary depending on several factors, including the specific tour you book, the duration of your tour, and any special promotions or offers that may be applicable at the time of booking.

As mentioned earlier, on some tours, you can earn 100 stars per day, while on others, you can earn 200 stars per day. To get the precise details on how many loyalty stars you will receive for a particular tour, it's best to check with Star Tours at the time of booking, as they can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information based on your chosen itinerary.

Redeeming your Loyalty Stars with Star Tours is straightforward and practical. For every 100 stars, you receive £1, which can be used for a discount on your next tour. These points are activated and ready for use upon completion of a tour.

Always use the same email address for bookings to ensure your stars are accurately credited. When you make a new booking, your available stars will be displayed, ready for you to redeem and save on your journey.

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