It's essential to highlight that triple rooms do not necessarily mean a larger room. Typically, hotels, especially those in Europe and the UK, accommodate an additional bed within a double room to convert it into a triple room. It’s also noteworthy that hotels in these regions tend to have smaller rooms compared to other parts of the world.


It's notable that hotel rooms and beds in Europe and the UK might be smaller than what you're used to. Generally, you'll find European double beds, which are more compact than the queen or king sizes available in other countries. Keeping these size differences in mind can help ensure a smoother travel experience across these regions


Yes, on the first day of your tour, your Tour Manager will provide a list of hotel details, which could be helpful if you inadvertently separate from the group. We will also be emailing this list to you a day prior to the tour for your convenience.

The hotels are situated on the outskirts of cities.

The hotels used are rated 3-star or above, except where stated otherwise.

The duration of stays can vary, ranging from one night to several nights, depending on the specific tour. We advise packing light to facilitate easier transitions between hotels due to the potentially frequent changes.

Usage of services like the telephone, mini bar, or pay-per-view TV in your room will incur additional charges, which you'll need to settle directly with the hotel upon check-out, as these services are not included in your tour cost. Furthermore, should any damages occur in the hotel rooms during your stay, you will be responsible for compensating the hotel directly upon check-out.

In many hotels we utilize, accommodation is configured for three people. Should your second child share your room, a reduction might be available — please verify with us if this applies to your group. These three-person rooms typically are not larger than standard double rooms and will include an additional roll-away bed. For families with older children, not toddlers, considering upgrading your children to adult fares for additional rooms might be worthwhile, providing extra space and an additional bathroom, facilitating smoother morning routines.

No not all hotels will have AC facilities. It's important to be aware that not all hotels in Europe and the UK are equipped with air conditioning. We recommend considering the use of a small portable fan, particularly during the warmer summer months, to help ensure your comfort during your stay.

The pricing structure in hotels and on cruises is commonly based on double occupancy, meaning rooms and packages are priced per person but with the expectation of two people sharing the spaces. Solo travellers incur a single supplement to cover the absence of the second person, ensuring that establishments can uphold their quality and offerings. Traditionally, hotels are designed to cater to pairs of travellers, with a limited number of single rooms available. Even though single rooms may offer a discounted rate compared to double rooms, they are often not simply half the size and frequently include en-suite facilities, thereby not simply being half the cost to operate, which is reflected in the pricing.

Hotels utilised during the tour maintain a standard of at least a 3-star category, providing fundamental amenities which include an en-suite bathroom, a TV, basic toiletries, and towels for your convenience. Additional facilities such as a bar and restaurant may be available in some hotels, and 24-hour reception services might also be offered. It's important to note that while rooms often come with essentials, the provision of air conditioning or fans can be less common, aligning with typical accommodation offerings in Europe and the UK.

Check-in is typically available starting from 15:00, while guests are kindly asked to complete check-out procedures by 10:00.

We commit to providing a hotel that aligns with the category indicated on our website and brochure, ensuring a standard similar to the specified hotel. While we don't provide upgrades, we guarantee a hotel with analogous facilities. If your dissatisfaction is based on personal preference rather than a deviation from the promised standard, any alterations or upgrades to your accommodation will likely incur extra charges, which you will be required to bear.

While the majority of our hotels are equipped with lifts, it's possible that some smaller hotels may not have this facility. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that many hotels in Europe and the UK do not provide luggage portage services.

Absolutely, we're delighted to assist with arranging extra nights of accommodation for you at the start and/or conclusion of your tour. You can find the associated costs listed under prices and departures. Please keep in mind that if you are traveling solo, you will need to cover the single supplement for pre and post-tour accommodation.

However, it's important to note that transfers to and from the airport are not included for hotel bookings alone. If you require airport transfers, please let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your convenience.

We will always supply a hotel of the category stated on our website and brochure. The hotels will always be of a similar standard to the hotel mentioned; we do not have to upgrade you to a hotel but ensure we provide a hotel with similar facility.

If on the other hand you are simply dissatisfied with your hotel then you will more than likely be charged to amend or upgrade your accommodation, a cost which will have to be bourne by yourself.

Wi-Fi is accessible in the majority of our hotels, though it may be subject to charges in some establishments, or restricted to specific areas within the hotel. It's worth noting that Wi-Fi access in your room is not guaranteed.

You will find this is the case in most hotels in Switzerland, Austria & Germany. It is due to the flexibility it offers the hotel when offering rooms types (i.e. converting Twin to Double, and Double to Twin) hence you will find this is the norm in many hotels in Switzerland. This will be the case in all hotels Star Tours uses in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

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