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The duration of each excursion or point of interest (POI) can vary. Since you are part of a group tour, the time allocated for each excursion or POI is typically limited to allow for photography and viewing. It's important to note that, due to time constraints, you may not be able to explore all aspects of every excursion or POI.

Europe is geographically extensive, and the travel durations between each city or point of interest can be substantial. To estimate approximate travel times, you can refer to the distance chart provided under "Other Information" for each tour. It's important to be prepared for longer travel journeys when exploring Europe.

Our itineraries are meticulously crafted to ensure you can make the most of each day of your tour. We aim to provide ample time for you to explore and enjoy the various places of interest on your itinerary. It's essential to adhere to driving regulations and laws, which may influence the timing of our departures and arrivals.

Unfortunately, due to policy constraints and to ensure the fairness and security of our ticketing system, we are unable to provide replacements for lost tickets. Consequently, you will need to purchase a new ticket if you wish to join the excursion or tour. We strongly recommend keeping your new ticket in a secure place to prevent any further issues. If there are any further issues or if you need assistance with the repurchasing process, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who are here to help you navigate through this predicament.

It's imperative to adhere to the specified return times during our tours to ensure smooth operations and to avoid missing any connections. The coach strictly follows the scheduled itinerary and unfortunately cannot wait for late arrivals to prevent delays and ensure fair treatment for all passengers. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to ensure you allocate sufficient time to return to the coach or designated meeting point, being back at least 5 minutes before the stated departure time. Unfortunately, Star Tours cannot reimburse any missed parts of the itinerary. In case you find yourself in such a situation, please immediately contact our customer support team for assistance and guidance on how to proceed or potentially catch up with the group. Always prioritize your safety and seek local assistance if necessary.

It's imperative to vigilantly safeguard your belongings throughout the tour, given the possibility of theft or loss at different stops and accommodations. In an unfortunate event of misplacing an item, it is crucial to contact the supplier (such as the hotel or coach company) directly and as swiftly as possible, considering that coaches frequently proceed to the next destination the following day.

For items forgotten in a hotel, it is essential to connect with the hotel directly for resolution, as our tour staff is unable to transport lost belongings back. Therefore, you will need to coordinate independently for the retrieval or shipping of your items. Additionally, it’s necessary to report any loss or theft to the local authorities, which will involve your own time and potentially additional expenses.

Please bear in mind that belongings left on the coach are stored entirely at the owner's risk, reinforcing the importance of always securing your items and keeping personal essentials within reach.

Yes, queuing is a common part of excursions. While we have tickets reserved for many destinations, it's crucial to note that certain highly-visited attractions, like the Eiffel Tower—which is among the most visited spots globally—do not facilitate reserved tickets for tour groups, making queuing unavoidable. Thus, you will be required to queue either in a group line, as directed by the Tour Manager, or in the general admission line, which can sometimes entail a wait of 3 hours or more. Your understanding and patience in these situations are greatly valued.

While you can certainly choose to explore a bit more on your own, such as spending additional hours at Disney or exploring a city center further, it is crucial to note that you will be responsible for making your own arrangements and covering any costs to rejoin the tour. Star Tours will not be able to provide reimbursement or support for any portion of the tour missed or additional expenses incurred due to such decisions. Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines are truly appreciated.

Optional tours refer to additional excursions that are not included in the main itinerary but may be offered by your Tour Manager during your trip. Our itineraries are crafted to ensure a fulfilling and affordable holiday experience, including all must-visit sites and excursions. However, if time and practicality allow, your Tour Manager might suggest optional tours that you can choose to participate in, albeit they are never guaranteed to operate and are subject to feasibility. After fulfilling your regular itinerary, you may decide to join these optional tours, but there is absolutely no obligation. Customers are fully entitled to decline any optional excursions offered.

The top floor of the Eiffel Tower is frequently closed due to overcrowding. In such cases, we'll navigate to the 2nd floor and ensure you are refunded the price difference between the 2nd floor and the top floor if this was incorporated into your tour price. We consistently aim to secure tickets to the third floor, however, it's important to note that this might not always be possible.

It's essential to highlight that triple rooms do not necessarily mean a larger room. Typically, hotels, especially those in Europe and the UK, accommodate an additional bed within a double room to convert it into a triple room. It’s also noteworthy that hotels in these regions tend to have smaller rooms compared to other parts of the world.

During the summer months, we suggest packing cooling mist sprays, sunscreen, handheld fans, and sun hats, particularly if you're visiting destinations like Italy where temperatures can soar into the mid-30°C range.

Coach seating is assigned in the order of booking numbers, and specific seat requests cannot be guaranteed. Tour managers do not have the authority to change the allocated seats. Please note that on certain tours, front seats may be available for purchase at £15 per person per day.

On certain tours, we offer an option to purchase front seats, providing a potentially enhanced viewing and travel experience. These seats can only be bought as a pair, with a supplemental charge of £15 per person per day. It's also important to note that we do not permit children to be seated near the front for safety and operational reasons. This supplement allows you to secure a specific seating arrangement to suit your preferences and needs during the tour.

Unfortunately, we do not accommodate seat requests for any reason, unless required by law. Therefore, your seat numbers will be allocated to you by your Tour Manager on the initial day of travel. Although seat numbers are typically assigned based on the booking reference number, there may be influences such as promotional seating that could impact these allocations.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these fixed seating arrangements, which our Tour Manager will not be able to modify under any circumstances throughout your journey.

Please note that we typically send confirmations only few days in advance. In some cases, the tour manager may provide the ticket confirmation at the airport, so you may not receive an e-ticket in advance.

Yes, in many instances on our tours, the driver is also a qualified Tour Manager. Therefore, it is possible that the driver of your coach may simultaneously act as your Tour Manager during your journey.

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