Tour Managers

Tour managers guide you through various sights, readily providing answers to your queries, offering advice, and facilitating assistance. Their presence aims to enhance your experience by ensuring smooth operations, enriching your journey, and maximizing enjoyment.

We are unable to disclose the identity of the tour manager before the tour begins. Rest assured, all our tour managers possess extensive knowledge and bring many years of touring experience to ensure a wonderful journey for you.

We do not distribute the Tour Manager's contact details to passengers in advance. Should any issues arise during your tour, we can contact you using the number we have on file for you. Passengers will receive the Tour Manager's contact information on the first day of the tour, or, in the case of flight tours, through a tour confirmation sent within seven days prior to departure.

Your meeting location with the tour manager will be communicated to you 24 hours before departure. It will either be at the airport in the UK prior to your flight or at your destination upon your flight's arrival.

The tour representatives and guides conduct all tours exclusively in English.

A number of our tour managers boast 10 to 20 years of experience in the field, accumulating a rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise about Europe through their extensive tenure.

The tour manager will accompany passengers to the main sights and provide information to passengers; however you will have some free time at the sights to explore on your own unaccompanied. Tour Managers will not be with the group inside excursions.

Owing to logistical considerations, our tour manager may meet the group in France and also depart from France for coach tours, not accompanying the tour throughout its entirety.

Yes, in many instances on our tours, the driver is also a qualified Tour Manager. Therefore, it is possible that the driver of your coach may simultaneously act as your Tour Manager during your journey.

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