In most of Europe, the use of child seats in coaches is mandatory for children under the age of 12 or who are shorter than 150 cm. Children under 7 years old or less than 125 cm tall must use a child seat with a harness or a restraint system. Children between 7 and 12 years old or between 125 and 150 cm tall must use a booster seat or a seat cushion. It is the responsibility of the child's parent or guardian to provide the appropriate child seat for their child.

The coaches are configured with a two-by-two seating layout. A toilet is typically located near the middle or rear of the coach for passenger convenience. Additionally, there are five seats situated at the back of the coach. This layout provides a comfortable and organized travel arrangement for all passengers during the journey.

All coaches, excluding those utilized for tours classified as flight tours, are equipped with TV and DVD facilities. However, coaches used for flight tours, short tours, or feeder services may not have toilet facilities onboard. For those coaches that do have a WC, please be aware that its capacity is limited and suited only for urinal waste. Travelers are encouraged to use restroom facilities during stops to ensure comfort throughout the journey.

No we do not promise to provide coaches with WiFi or charging facilities. Should you receive a coach with this facility then it is a added bonus. This is due to the numerous suppliers we use across our tours.

Coaches typically offer around 27-30 inches of legroom, which is generally comfortable for most passengers. However, it's important to note that some coaches may have slight variations in seating configurations, so legroom can vary slightly. While coach seats may resemble the tight layout of airplanes, taller passengers might feel a bit cramped. Nevertheless, coach travel typically provides more space and flexibility compared to air travel, allowing passengers to stretch their legs and move around comfortably during the journey.

No, all our coaches are standard seating coaches. While the seats do have a slight reclining feature for added comfort during travel, it's important to note that the last five seats in the coach will not have the ability to recline. We strive to ensure a comfortable journey for all passengers, but do not have sleeper coach facilities for overnight travels.

On long journeys, we do provide entertainment in the form of music and DVDs. However, we recommend passengers, especially those traveling with children, to bring activities such as travel games or cards to keep themselves entertained during extended drives. It's essential to note that DVDs carried by our Tour Managers are chosen for the enjoyment of the majority and may not cater to individual preferences. Viewer discretion is advised, especially for movies played on board, and parental guidance is recommended for all passengers.

You are permitted to bring food items such as crisps, dry snacks, and bottled drinks on the coach. However, it is important to note that you will not be allowed to consume or bring on the coach any greasy foods, including items like burgers, curries, chips, and ice cream, to maintain cleanliness and the comfort of all passengers during the journey.

Yes, you are permitted to purchase and carry alcohol on the coach. However, in accordance with our policy, consumption of alcohol on board the coach is strictly prohibited. Any passenger found consuming alcohol on the coach will be removed from the tour as a consequence.

Seats are typically allocated in the order in which bookings are received. However, please note that in certain instances, due to operational reasoning or specific policies, this may not always be strictly adhered to. All seat allocations are at our discretion and are non-negotiable. We also reserve the right to change your seat allocation at any time for various reasons. Your understanding and cooperation regarding seat allocations are appreciated.

Seat allocation is determined in accordance with European transport law and is typically assigned in the order in which bookings are received. It’s important to note that families with small children are not permitted to occupy the front seats for safety reasons. Unfortunately, we cannot promise or guarantee a particular seat position, and all seat allocations are subject to our discretion and applicable regulations. Specific details about the number of individuals booked for a tour might be available upon request or closer to the departure date.


On certain tours, we offer an option to purchase front seats, providing a potentially enhanced viewing and travel experience. These seats can only be bought as a pair, with a supplemental charge of £15 per person per day. It's also important to note that we do not permit children to be seated near the front for safety and operational reasons. This supplement allows you to secure a specific seating arrangement to suit your preferences and needs during the tour.


Seat numbers will be assigned by the tour manager on the day of the tour. These seat allocations are final and cannot be changed. Please be aware that our sales team will not have advance knowledge of the specific seat numbers you will be allocated, and they are not permitted to accept seat requests to ensure that the allocation process remains fair for all passengers.

Ferry is a type of cruise ship that operates between the ports of Dover and Calais (may vary), traveling across the English Channel and vice versa. Ferries are equipped with duty-free shops and restaurants that passengers can access during the channel crossing. It's worth noting that the ferry is one of the last opportunities to purchase any essential items for your tour at competitive prices. During the sailing, the coach will be parked below the ship and will not be accessible. Your tour manager will provide precise logistical information on the tour day itself. Additionally, currency exchange services are available on board the ferry.

Seat allocations are typically determined based on the order of booking and other factors. Unfortunately, we cannot keep the back seats empty, and as a result, some passengers may be assigned to these seats. It's worth noting that although these seats do not have a reclining function, they have been designed with comfort in mind to ensure a pleasant journey for all passengers. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We do provide the option to purchase limited front seats on specific tours. These seats are typically available for an additional charge of £15 per person per day. For more details and availability, please reach out to our sales team, who will be happy to assist you further with this option.

The use of the shuttle is typically one way and is applicable to selected tours. The Eurotunnel Shuttle, often referred to as the 'shuttle' is a train service that transports vehicles and passengers through the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France. It provides a quick and efficient means of crossing the English Channel. The specific details of when the shuttle will be used and how it fits into your tour itinerary will be provided by your tour manager on the respective tour day.

While on board the ferry for approximately 90 minutes, passengers can take advantage of a wide range of services and activities to enhance their journey. For families traveling with children, there is a dedicated play area, ensuring that young ones stay entertained. Video arcades offer interactive gaming options, while coffee shops and bars provide a place to relax and enjoy a beverage. Restrooms (WC) are readily available for convenience, and passengers can choose from a variety of dining options at the onboard restaurants. Additionally, duty-free shopping allows travelers to explore a selection of products at competitive prices. These amenities collectively create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for passengers during the channel crossing.

The journey time on the ferry is typically around 90 minutes, but it can vary depending on the prevailing sailing conditions at the time of crossing.

The Eurotunnel train swiftly transports you and your coach beneath the English Channel in a mere 35 minutes. It's essential to keep in mind that this duration does not encompass the time required for passport control and security checks, which will be additional to your journey.

No, Euro Tunnel and Euro Star are two distinct and separate services. Euro Tunnel refers to the Channel Tunnel, a rail and vehicle tunnel that connects the United Kingdom and France. It is primarily used for transportation of vehicles and passengers in cars, buses, and coaches. On the other hand, Euro Star is a high-speed train service that operates between London and several European cities, including Paris and Brussels. Euro Star focuses on rail travel rather than vehicle transport. we primarily use the Euro Tunnel for specific transportation needs.

The journey time on the Euro Tunnel is approximately 35 minutes.

Yes, you can request specific dietary accommodations, and this information will be relayed to our agent when your flights are booked. However, it's essential to note that such requests are not guaranteed. We strongly advise you to reconfirm with your airline by using their online portal or contacting their call centre to ensure your dietary needs will be met during your flight.

Flight timings for European tours typically involve early morning departures. You will receive specific flight timing details a few days prior to your departure. For long-haul flights, the flight timings will be confirmed with you before the flights are booked to ensure that they align with your preferences and travel plans.

If you have booked a London Package with us, we will arrange to pick you up from the airport as part of the package. For stand-alone tours or pre/post hotel stays with us, we may have the option to organize airport transfers, but this must be arranged in advance and may involve an additional cost. The availability and details of airport transfers can be discussed and confirmed during the booking process to ensure a seamless arrival experience.

A WC on a coach has limited flushes/capacity once this has been reached the WC will be locked until it has been emptied. This can only be done at regulated places across Europe so we strongly advise only to use the WC in emergencies. The toilets are only capable of handling liquid (urinal) waste, any other disposal will render the WC useless. It is imperative no solid waste is flushed down the toilet (inc. Tissues, Nappies, sanitry products, any other waste).

Seating on our coaches is typically assigned on a first-come, first-served basis according to booking numbers, with some exceptions due to factors like group size, coach capacity, promotional arrangements, health and safety, and logistics. We do not guarantee specific seat assignments, and any provided indications are subject to change. Seat numbers are allocated a few days before departure and provided on the day of travel. Passengers with children won't be seated in the front for safety reasons. If you have different booking reference numbers and want to sit together, please inform us during booking. Additionally, for those who wish to secure front seats, there is an option to purchase a front seat supplement, available as a pair and charged at £15 per person per day.

Unfortunately, passengers cannot stay on the coach during stops, service station breaks, excursions, or sightseeing activities. This is not only due to legal regulations but also in compliance with driver break regulations, which require all passengers to vacate the vehicle during these times for safety and logistical reasons.

Unfortunately, we do not have any designated parking facilities at our pickup points.

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