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As an ABTA member (membership number W8770), we assist travellers in optimizing their journeys and provide support in unforeseen situations, like refunds and repatriation in case of insolvency. Our service aligns with ABTA's Code of Conduct, and we offer ABTA's dispute resolution scheme, approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If we can't resolve your issue, visit www.abta.com for an easy resolution process. More info on the Code and dispute resolution can be found at www.abta.com.

We comply with the Package Travel, Package Holidays, and Package Travel Regulations 2018, ensuring financial security for your payments and repatriation in case of our insolvency. Our air holiday packages and flights are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL number 5639). Please review our booking conditions for details. Note that ATOL protection will not cover all the services in this brochure; inquire for specifics.

Star Tours offers a luggage handling service where our driver assists with loading and unloading one suitcase per person, adhering to a 23kg weight limit and dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm. Additionally, passengers may have one hand luggage not exceeding 5kg and with a maximum size of 20 x 20 x 48 cm.

In 2024, our coach tours will primarily operate through channel crossing routes originating from Dover, Calais, and Dunkirk, in addition to limited departures via Eurotunnel services from Folkestone. Star Tours retains the authority to divert tours to alternate ports as needed. Passengers must secure and accurately complete any required landing cards. Given the potential for extended waiting periods post-Brexit, both at and en route to the ports, we advise bringing along water and snacks.

For families traveling with infants under two years, an infant fare will be applied, with an additional nominal supplement for flight tours. Star Tours advises parents to bring their own coach-compatible booster seats, as these are not provided by us.

We recommend that you carry ready-to-use baby milk and food, since these items are not available at the hotels or restaurants during the tour. Considering that not all hotels are equipped with kettles, it is wise to bring a bottle warmer or kettle for heating water as necessary. For storage in the coach's baggage lockers, pushchairs / strollers must be foldable.

In the interest of safety, children are not permitted to occupy seats near the front of the coach.

In the summer months, light attire complemented with a jacket or sweater for cooler evenings is recommended. Carry waterproof jackets or umbrellas for sudden downpours. Adding to your packing list, consider sun hats, cooling mist sprays, and sun protection creams for sunny days.

Adequate footwear for the planned itinerary is essential. Equip yourself with travel adapters for charging electronic devices, owing to varying socket standards abroad. You might also find it beneficial to bring along a compact travel iron, hairdryer, or kettle, as not all hotels offer these amenities.

Our coaches are equipped with amenities including a TV, DVD or CD player, and air cooling systems, with most also offering emergency toilet facilities, to be used sparingly. However, be advised that coaches on flight tours, and occasionally in other instances, may not have toilet facilities.

For certain transfers, denoted as UKNL, UKSH, EUDL/D, SWGP/D, SPLE, and HDTS, alternative transport without these amenities might be utilized. Smaller transfer vehicles will not have WC. Not all seats will have reclining facilities.

We maintain a strict no-smoking policy, which extends to e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and prohibit alcohol consumption on all coaches. You will only be allowed to consume water and dry snacks on the coach. Coaches will not have Wi-Fi or charging points.

We advise passengers to obtain the necessary currency before the tour commences. It might be difficult to facilitate currency exchange during the tour and the availability of ATMs or card payment options can be restricted in some areas. Keeping EURO change handy is recommended, as it may be required for accessing toilet facilities in several European regions.

For the majority of Europe, Euros will be acceptable; however, for your stay in Switzerland, we highly recommend securing Swiss Francs. UK tours will require Pounds Sterling.

Star Tours cannot assume responsibility if passengers encounter delays or are detained by government departments such as the Police, Customs, Immigration, or other authorities in the destination country.

During touring holidays, long journeys between cities are inevitable given the extensive distances in Europe. We encourage passengers to dress comfortably and be prepared to spend a significant portion of the day on the coach.

To enhance your travel experience, it is wise to have essentials such as water, dry snacks, tissues, and medication readily accessible in your hand luggage.

Early Bird Offers are contingent upon the inclusion of a minimum deposit payment within your booking. It is essential to note that these offers are not applicable when a surcharge is levied on the listed brochure price or if there are modifications to the tour itinerary. Furthermore, Early Bird Offers are not extended to infant travellers These offers cannot be utilised in conjunction with any other ongoing promotions or voucher-based discounts.

In cases where an Early Bird offer incorporates complimentary hotel accommodation, please consider the following conditions.


Please note that, due to high visitor volumes, waiting times of up to 4 hours may occur. These waiting times are subject to change at the discretion of management, particularly in cases of exceptional events, adverse weather conditions, high visitor numbers, or Force Majeure events. Access to excursions and monuments is contingent on the type of ticket purchased, and once you exit, re-entry is not permitted. Refunds will not be issued in cases of restricted access due to inclement weather or decisions by Public Authorities. Tickets are valid for immediate entry and cannot be reimbursed in cases of loss or theft. Some excursions may limit access due to capacity constraints. The Eiffel Tower will have extensive queues as tickets cannot be purchased in advance by us.

Additional Excursions

Our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive holiday experiences at competitive rates. Occasionally, our tour representatives and drivers may offer optional excursions to enhance your journey. These excursions are priced separately and must be paid in cash to the tour representative before departure. Passengers have the option to decline these additional excursions, which are subject to availability and logistical feasibility. We cannot guarantee their availability on every tour.

Our Faraway Tours are facilitated by local ground operators who manage all details within various destinations. Typically, these tours can proceed with as few as two to four confirmed travelers, potentially without the presence of a dedicated group or tour representative. Instead, you will have local contacts available for emergencies and inquiries during your tour.

These local ground agents will not be continuously present with your group. While most sightseeing excursions will be guided by local agents, you may also have free time to explore destinations independently. Seat allocation is not assigned on these tours; passengers will be accommodated within the vehicle based on available seats.

Sightseeing tours may involve passengers from groups not booked through Star Tours. Meals will be provided at select restaurants or during excursions, with restaurants conveniently located within walking distance from your hotels. Passengers will have flexibility in attending meals at their leisure.

Our dining offerings include a continental breakfast comprising an assortment of breads, cereals, juices, fruits, hot beverages, and milk.

Passengers are provided the option to select from either vegetarian or non-vegetarian lunches and dinners, with Jain/Halal choices available wherever feasible. To ensure we cater to your dietary preferences, we kindly request passengers to communicate their meal preferences at the time of booking.

Furthermore, we encourage passengers to inform us of any food allergies during the booking process. However, it's important to note that we cannot guarantee special accommodations for allergies or specific dietary requests, such as Halal or Jain meals. Passengers with severe food allergies or strict dietary requirements are advised to make suitable arrangements prior to embarking on their tour.

Tap water is the only beverage provided during meals. Our meals are typically presented in a pre-set buffet style, and individual menu selections are not available.

Lunches are exclusively vegetarian and are served in outdoor settings at service stations or rest areas, where seating may be limited or unavailable. Lunch arrangements follow a picnic-style buffet format.

On select days, Star Tours may furnish packed lunches or dinners tailored to the itinerary of a specific tour. Dinner services are typically conducted within hotel or restaurant premises, within separate dining facilities. Please note that preferential seating is not offered during mealtimes, and assigned seating applies. In the unlikely event that Star Tours is unable to provide a meal, passengers will receive an allocation of 9 Euros for lunch and 12 Euros for dinner during European coach tours. Kindly understand that we retain the right to amend meal arrangements should unforeseen circumstances necessitate such changes.

Star Tours diligently selects accommodations that adhere to a minimum of a 3-star rating based on national standards unless otherwise noted. These accommodations come equipped with standard amenities including en-suite bathrooms, a television. Rooms around Europe offer a more compact living space compared to other global regions. Guests should be aware that baby cots are unavailable. Furthermore, a significant number of these establishments do not feature air conditioning, elevators, or tea-making facilities, recommending that guests carry a portable kettle for their convenience. It is pertinent to note that our hotels are strategically situated outside the city centre.

For guests booking triple rooms, in the UK and Europe, be prepared for smaller spaces. In some instances, accommodation may comprise one double and one single room rather than a traditional triple room, ensuring space for three guests but not a predetermined bed configuration. Triple or double rooms with a child bed option typically feature a standard double room equipped with a sofa bed, not offering additional space. Please set your expectations accordingly.

Please note that during the tour, the tour rep reserves the right to modify the itinerary as they deem fit. These changes are usually due to unexpected delays or major local events that can often arise. Whilst travelling on organized group tours, adhering to timings given by the tour rep is very important. All our tours are subject to governance by DVSA for driving hours; hence it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure all departure times are adhered to. Star Tours will not take responsibility for passengers left behind due to not adhering to itineraries and times stated by the tour rep for whatsoever reason, and any subsequent impact this may cause financially or non-financially. It is a passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they are clear in understanding the departure time from any given point.

Please be aware that itineraries, especially for flight tours, may undergo changes. For the most up-to-date itinerary details, please visit our website.

Additionally, please note that on specific departure dates, tour routing may be subject to modification. In some cases, the tour may operate in reverse itinerary order. Rest assured, no sightseeing or excursions mentioned in the itinerary will be missed unless due to holiday closures. We recommend confirming the itinerary status before booking your flights

Passengers are responsible for their belongings' safety. If something is left behind, contact the relevant supplier for assistance. In case of theft, promptly inform the tour representative and report the incident to local authorities for a police report or crime reference number. T

To minimize risks, avoid carrying unnecessary valuables and remain vigilant, particularly in tourist areas susceptible to pickpockets. Comprehensive travel insurance, including for EU citizens, is highly recommended. Please note that Star Tours cannot retrieve lost items on behalf of passengers or transport property across international borders, regardless of authorization.

Timings provided in our brochure and on our website are for reference purposes. Some pick-up points may require a supplement charge based on minimum passenger numbers. Passengers should arrive 15 minutes before departure, as latecomers must arrange their own transportation to catch up with the group; refunds for missed connections are not available.

Return journeys from the continent typically arrive in Dover between 20:00 and 21:00. We then proceed to the original London pick-up points, with an expected arrival time between 22:45 and 01:00am +1. These times are approximate and subject to change due to traffic, border conditions, and road conditions.

The pricing details provided in this brochure are per person and are based on double occupancy, requiring at least two adults to share accommodations. Children aged 11 and under, traveling with two full fare paying adults, have a discounted rate.

Infants under 23 months old will be charged an additional fee for a coach seat.

For solo travellers, a "Single Supplement" fee applies. Please note that age calculations are based on the return date of the journey.

Most hotels accommodate up to three individuals per room. For families of four, comprising two adults and two children, one child will be provided with an extra bed—either a sofa or roll-away bed—while the other shares the existing bedding. Note that:

  • Extra beds are designed for single occupancy and are not full-sized double beds.
  • In EU hotels, double beds often comprise two adjoining single beds.
  • Scottish hotel rooms tend to have moderate dimensions, potentially reducing walkable space in the event of setting up a sofa bed in triple rooms.

Should your party include one adult and one child, the child will incur an adult fare to offset the room cost, which is predicated on double adult occupancy. Please plan accordingly. (Please see below).

*For Example: if tour cost was – Adult £100 / Child £50

Your family What you pay Total Rooms
1 Adult + 1 Child £100 + £100 £200 1
2 Adults + 1 Child £100 + £100 + £50 £250 1
2 Adults + 2 Child £100 + £100 + £50 + £50* £300 1
2 Adults + 3 Child You will have to pay for either a single supplement for your third child; otherwise, two of the children will have to upgrade to pay adult fares. You will receive two rooms.    

*If a quad room is unavailable, a reduction as mentioned in the tour itinerary will apply. Note that such rooms have limited space and may not be suitable for taller adults.

We do not accept seating requests for any reason, including medical or personal needs. Seat assignments are primarily based on booking numbers, with exceptions due to factors like group size, coach capacity, safety regulations, logistics, and other considerations. Specific seat guarantees are not provided, and seat assignments are subject to change, even if communicated in writing or otherwise.

Tour representatives will provide seat numbers only on the day of departure. Our sales team cannot take requests, nor can they give you a indication of your seat number. Families with children will not be seated at the front of the coach, regardless of early bookings. Passengers with different booking reference numbers who wish to sit together must inform Star Tours during the booking process, this cannot be done at a later stage.

Individuals traveling alone will incur the standard adult fare in addition to a single supplement fee. Please note that Star Tours cannot facilitate room sharing arrangements with other passengers.

Our escorted tours are overseen by a dedicated Tour Rep or Driver to address any needs during your journey. Please note that they might join you at a point after the initial pickup. During flight or rail segments of the itinerary, passengers will be unaccompanied but will meet a tour representative at the specified arrival destination.

A tour confirmation will be emailed to you one day before departure, outlining your pickup and hotel details, but excluding the contact information of the tour manager. This will only be shared once you join the tour. For flight tours, this communication will additionally encompass meeting point and terminal information. It is suggested that at least one person in each group should have a reachable mobile number to ensure smooth coordination.

The tours will primarily be conducted in English. During EU tours. Following the last sightseeing activity, the tour manager may leave the group and hand over the responsibility to our experienced drivers to ensure the group's safe return to England.

Weather in Western Europe can be unpredictable, resembling the climate in England. We recommend carrying a small umbrella year-round and checking the average temperatures for your destination online to pack appropriate clothing and footwear. Be prepared for evening sightseeing as well.

Star Tours does not provide specialist tours for the individuals with mobility challenges, we make every effort to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Mobility aids such as walking aids and manually collapsible wheelchairs can also be stored in the baggage lockers; Bear in mind that they will need to be collapsible.

Electric wheelchairs cannot be stored on any of our coaches. The driver assists with loading and unloading the wheelchair, but passengers must be physically capable of boarding and disembarking the coach independently.

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