Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions + Front Seat T&C + Special Offer T&C



1.1 Agreement to Terms and Booking Fee

By utilising our services or booking with us, you are agree to abide by all our terms and conditions and general provisions. You are required to pay a fixed, non-refundable fee to secure your booking. These terms are governed by English law and fall under the jurisdiction of English courts. However, if you prefer, you may choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland.


1.2 Booking Specifics

1.2 (a) Deposit: All deposits that paid are non-refundable.

1.2 (b) Minor Passengers: Minors cannot travel unaccompanied. They must be accompanied by an adult over 18 or a legal guardian. When a minor travels without a parent but with a legal guardian or another family member, a child travel consent letter must be carried throughout the tour.

1.2 (c) Travel Agent Bookings: If a travel agent makes a booking, the agent will retain your non-refundable deposit and other payments until Star Tours issues a booking confirmation or invoice.

1.2 (d) Payment Methods for Imminent Tours: If a tour is scheduled to commence within 14 days, payments can only be made via card or cash. Bank transfers and cheques will not be accepted.


1.3 Contract Formation

A legally binding contract exist when you book with Star Tours or utilise any of our services.


1.4 Baggage Policy

Each passenger is permitted to bring one bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg and dimensions not exceeding 90 x 75 x 43 cm. Additional baggage will be accommodated based on available space and may incur extra charges.


1.5 Suppliers' Terms and Conditions

The service providers we partner with, including accommodation and transportation services, have their own terms and conditions. These govern your relationship with the provider and may limit or exclude the provider’s liability to you. Copies of these terms can be obtained from our offices or from the respective suppliers.


1.6 Seating Arrangement

1.6 (a) Seat Allocation: We reserve the right to allocate and change seat assignments at any time, including after boarding has begun. No seat requests will be considered.

1.6 (b) Front Seats: Front seats may be available for purchase on selected tours, but only in pairs and based on availability. Single passengers and children are not eligible to book front seats. If the front seats are unavailable on a rescheduled tour, the supplemental fee will be refunded without any other compensatory payment.


1.7 Group Bookings

To travel with specific individuals on a tour, ensure all bookings are consolidated under a single booking reference and share the same pickup point.


1.8 Variation in Amenities

Please note that the facilities in coaches, accommodations, and other services may vary for everyone, even if they are participating in the same tour or staying in the same hotel.


1.9 Child Car Seats

Children under 11 years of age or shorter than 135 cm must use a child car seat. It is your responsibility to provide the car seat. Failure to provide a suitable car seat may result in denied boarding, in adherence to the laws of the countries being visited.




2.1 Payment Schedule

Upon confirmation of your tour, the outstanding balance must be settled according to the timeline provided below. Payment must be fully cleared in our account by the specified due dates. The initial deposit is calculated based on the total tour cost without any discounts or offers applied:


Holiday Type Deposit Balance Due
Coach Tours 25% of holiday cost 4 Weeks Prior
One Day Tours 100% of holiday cost At the Time of Booking
Flight Tours & FIT Tours 40% of holiday cost 6 Weeks Prior






2.2 Booking After Balance Due Date

Should you book a holiday after the balance due date has passed, the total holiday cost must be paid immediately at the time of booking.


2.3 Online Booking Confirmation

Making a payment online does not guarantee your booking. Your booking is considered confirmed only after we issue a final booking confirmation. We will refund the full amount paid if we cannot confirm your services due to lack of availability. Refunds may take up to two weeks to process, and we are not liable for any interest, surcharges, or fees you may incur due to the refund delay.


2.4 Room Allocation and Occupancy

The prices are based on two or three adults sharing a room, with a maximum occupancy of three adults, excluding infants. We reserve the right to allocate rooms differently, including the option to use split rooms. While we guarantee accommodation for three individuals, the exact bed configuration is not guaranteed for triple rooms. Note that triple rooms in the UK and Europe are often very small. Single travellers will incur a single traveller supplement.


2.5 Early Bird Offer Exclusions and Modifications

Early Bird Offers do not apply to infants aged 0-23 months. The infant fare covers only a seat for coach holidays, without any additional amenities. Additionally, the Early Bird Offer will not be available for bookings opting for flight reductions and will be rescinded if any changes are made to a booking.


2.6 Balance Payment Responsibility and Visa Processing

You are responsible for remembering to pay the remaining balance by the due date, irrespective of visa processing status. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking and forfeiture of your deposit. Late payments will incur a fee of £10 per person.


2.7 Promotional Offers

Early Bird and other web-only promotional discounts are valid only with confirmed bookings and the corresponding deposit payment. We reserve the right to withdraw these offers at any time.


2.8 Invoice and Document Accuracy

You must review the confirmation invoice and other documents provided by Star Tours for accuracy. If you find any errors or inaccuracies, report them immediately to Star Tours or your travel agent, as corrections might not be possible later.




3.1 Pricing and Adjustments

Your holiday’s cost is as indicated on our website or in your booking invoice, aside from potential errors. Although we hold the right to modify the prices at any moment, these alterations will not officially affect the bookings we have already acknowledged. However, after the confirmation of your booking, there might be a change in the holiday price due to fluctuations in:


(a) Transportation expenses, which encompass fuel price variations

(b) Government-imposed dues, taxes, or other fees like landing or port charges

(c) Current exchange rates affecting your holiday package

(d) A notable increase in any component of the tour, such as accommodation, entry fees, flights, or meals


We maintain the right to correct any pricing errors on our platforms and reservations made at an incorrect price.


3.2 Significant Price Increases

If the holiday price increases by more than 10%, you have the option to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. To do this, you must notify us within seven days of receiving the notification of the price increase, and we will refund the total amount paid to us for your booking.


3.3 Applicability of Offers and Discounts

Early Bird offers and other discounts are valid when both the land arrangements and flight components of the tour align with the initially quoted tour price, without the addition of any surcharges for flights or hotels. These discounts are available for unmodified tours and can be withdrawn at any time without notice.


3.4 Breakdown of Costs

We are not obligated to provide a detailed breakdown of the individual costs involved in your holiday package.


3.5 Refund Policy for Cancelled or Restricted Excursions

In cases where excursions are cancelled or restricted due to unforeseen circumstances including national or public holidays in the destination country, we will offer clients a refund equal to the difference between the ticket price and our contracted rate. Infants and children may sometimes be ineligible for this refund.


3.6 Dynamic Pricing Policy

Star Tours employs a dynamic pricing policy, meaning that tour prices may fluctuate due to various factors including service availability or the addition of new services. The price confirmed at the time of your booking is final; we cannot adjust it to match any previously seen prices. Please note that our website will always display the most current pricing, as brochures may be published several months in advance and may not reflect the latest updates.




4.1 For Coach Tours, the following amendments can be facilitated given that a written notification is received within the timelines mentioned below:


Amendment / Change for Coach Tours Only More than 30 days before departure 29-14 days before departure 13-8 days before departure 7-2 days before departure
Name Change £25 per person £50 per person £75 per person £100 per person
Tour Date Change £25 per person N/A N/A N/A
Tour Upgrade (Longer Tour) Free N/A N/A N/A
Tour Downgrade (Shorter Tour)* £25 per person* N/A N/A N/A













*Note: When downgrading a tour, the payment must be settled in full at the time of the alteration, treating it as a final modification. Downgrades are limited to a three-day tour option and are non-negotiable beyond this. This option is not extended to tours spanning three days or fewer, UK Tours, or services from our affiliate partners.


4.2 The cancellation policies for One Day tours managed by Star Tours Ltd align with those stated in Clause 5.1 pertaining to Coach Tours. Modifications to name or date can be availed up to 7 days before departure upon presenting a written notice; this will incur an administrative charge of £15/$25 per person.


4.3 A cap of two amendments per booking has been established. The fee structure will be employed for each change, subject to approval. Regrettably, requests exceeding two alterations cannot be taken.


4.4 In the event you want to substitute a passenger post confirmation, Star Tours is not to find a substitute for the departing member.


4.5 Altering and then reverting to the initial booking will be perceived as change(s), for which no refunds, discounts, or compensations can be pursued.


4.6 All passengers in a booking, including those in conjunction with bookings, must adhere to the same pickup and drop-off locations. Changes to these locations can be requested up to 10 days before departure (21 days for bank and national holidays), subject to our approval. Note that changes within 10 days of departure may not be accommodated. If the change can be made, then a and a £15 per person administrative fee will be applied. Pickup and drop-off locations will be confirmed 24 hours before departure based on availability.


4.7 For Flight Tours and FIT Tours, any amendments including name or date changes made more than 6 weeks prior to the departure date will incur a fee of £100 per person. Within 6 weeks of the departure, no changes can be made. These amendments will also be governed by the cancellation policies stated in clause 5.1 of these guidelines. Please note that changes cannot be made to bookings where flight tickets have been issued for visa purposes.


4.8 Please be advised that any alterations will nullify previously applied discounts, offers, or deals rendered at the initial booking stage. Note: Certain travel arrangements (such as Apex / No-frills airline tickets) may be immune to changes post-reservation, potentially triggering a cancellation charge of up to 100% for that segment or the entirety of the arrangements.




5.1 Notification of Cancellation

Should you or a party member decide to cancel the holiday, the primary contact must formally notify us or the travel agent where the booking was made, in writing.


5.2 Cancellation Charges

Upon your notification of cancellation, we will apply the cancellation fees as stipulated in the table (to be provided). These fees are determined based on the timing of your written notification. This policy holds under various circumstances including but not limited to:


  1. Non-compliance with the outlined payment schedule for the tour,
  2. Visa denials for any of the countries included in the tour itinerary,
  3. Inability to travel due to various reasons such as medical conditions, death, or jury service (contact us for a comprehensive list).


Notice given for Cancellation Coach Tours Other Tours
More than 28 Days 25% of total holiday cost 40% of total holiday cost
27-14 Days 50% of total holiday cost 75% of total holiday cost
13-7 Days 75% of total holiday cost 90% of total holiday cost
6 Days or less 100% of total holiday cost 100% of total holiday cost











Please note that the percentages in the cancellation charge table represent a portion of the total holiday price, excluding any insurance premium or additional charges; these may still require full payment (examples include but are not limited to visa charges, courier fees, and postal charges).


5.3 Re-booking following a cancellation.

If you choose to cancel a holiday and then re-book, the terms stipulated in the cancellation section of these booking conditions will be applied.




6.1 Provisional Bookings

Bookings initiated through our web portal are provisional until Star Tours officially confirms them through issuing a final confirmation invoice. Please note that a payment made at the booking time does not assure the booking confirmation.


6.2 Booking Review and Accuracy Check

Star Tours reserves the right to review all online bookings for accuracy before confirming the requested services. If any part of your booking, including but not limited to room preferences, seating arrangements, or pick up point selection, violates our terms and conditions or published information, we may decline the booking. In such cases, we will contact you to address the discrepancies, allowing you to either modify your booking according to the prevailing policies and prices or cancel your provisional booking. Please note that the online booking system may sometimes allow selections that are subject to our approval and are contrary to our policies.


6.3 Payment Details

All payments made via the online booking portal must be in UK Sterling. If you opt to pay with a non-UK bank debit/credit card or a FOREX/Pre-paid card, be aware that you will bear any surcharges/fees levied by your issuing bank or building society, in addition to a 2%. Transactions made with corporate cards will incur a 4% surcharge.


6.4 Responsibility for Booking Details

You are responsible for verifying that all details are accurate before finalising your booking with a payment. Should any changes be necessary post-confirmation, they will be subject to the cancellation or change fees outlined in clauses 4 and 5 of these terms and conditions.




7.1 General Modifications

We reserve the right to make necessary alterations to your holiday arrangements at any time. Suppose we are unable to provide the booked travel arrangements or a similar alternative, in that case, you have the option to either receive a complete refund of all monies paid or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangements of a comparable standard, if available. In line with EU regulations, we are obliged to disclose the actual carrier orchestrating your flight/transfer.


7.2 Minor Adjustments

Minor alterations to your holiday, such as adjustments to travel times, excursions, departure and return points, transportation mode to a significant joining point, short-term changes in accommodation standard, or non-significant itinerary amendments, will not entitle you to any compensation.


7.2 (a) Dover pickups are conditional upon ferry services departing from the Dover Port and are not guaranteed. You may initially choose Dover; however, if unavailable, you will be required to modify your pickup location, with no liabilities falling on Star Tours for any associated costs. This will only be confirmed a few days prior to departure.

7.2 (b) Calais pickups are conditional upon ferry services arriving into the Port of Calais and are not guaranteed. You may initially choose Calais; however, if unavailable, you will be required to modify your pickup location, to Dunkirk, with no liabilities falling on Star Tours for any associated costs. This will only be confirmed a few days prior to departure.

7.2 (c) If utilising an external pickup service, transportation to the coach boarding point may be facilitated through a variety of vehicles including private cars or minibuses. Note that return services might have a waiting period up to 90 minutes for a connecting coach.

7.2 (d) We reserve the right to alter external pickup timings at our discretion. This will be notified to you within 24 hours of departure only.


7.3 Significant Alterations

In the event of substantial changes to your holiday, such as altering your UK airport (excluding transitions between recognized London airports) or modifying your departure/return time by over 12 hours, we will notify you promptly. Subsequently, you may either accept the modified holiday arrangement, choose a different holiday option (with a refund for any price difference), or cancel your booking.


7.4 Cancellation Following Major Changes

Suppose you choose to cancel your booking owing to a significant change. In that case, we will refund all amounts paid towards services exclusively offered by us, with no compensation covering other bookings or potential losses arising from the change.


7.5 Limitations on Compensation

We are not obliged to offer compensation for either minor or substantial changes, including, but not limited to:


7.5 (a) The cancellation of tours resulting in additional costs for services booked separately.

7.5 (b) Events unforeseen or beyond our control, encompassing natural disasters, political unrest, or transportation disruptions, which could not be averted despite exercising all necessary precautions.


7.6 Excursion Cancellations

In circumstances characterised by unusual or unforeseeable conditions, including national or public holidays in the visited country necessitating the cancellation/restriction of an excursion, we will provide reimbursement options at our contracted rate only. These options may vary depending on individual circumstances and may not extend to infants and children.


7.7 Events and Festivals

Due to occurrences such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and national holidays, there might be a necessity to alter the designated hotels and locations. Despite our efforts to avoid these situations, any changes necessitated by such events will not be valid grounds for grievances either during or after the tour.


7.8 Changes During the 2024 Paris Olympics

During the 2024 Paris Olympics, we anticipate that there may be substantial and sudden alterations to the itinerary without advance notice. Sightseeing experiences may be impacted; specific landmarks might be inaccessible due to events taking place, necessitating replacements that may not be communicated in advance. The routing of tours within Paris will comply with local restrictions in place at that time. Please be advised that delays encountered, or sights missed owing to traffic disruptions or road closures will not be eligible for reimbursement during the Olympics period in Paris. It is encouraged to remain flexible with the tour arrangements during this globally recognised event to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.




8.1 Minimum Number of Participants Required

For our tours to operate, a minimum number of passengers must be met. If the minimum number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. If this occurs, we will refund the full amount paid for the tour provided by us. Please note that we are not liable for any other costs incurred due to cancellation, including but not limited to visa service charges.


8.1 (a) Cancellation Notice

We will notify you of any cancellations at least 14 days before the departure date via phone, email, or written correspondence. For tours lasting less than 2 days, you will be notified at least 3 days before departure.


8.1 (b) Rebooking After Cancellation

If a cancellation occurs and you choose to rebook on a different date, any fare differences for the new booking will be your responsibility.


8.2 Alternative Arrangements

We hold the right to cancel your holiday for any reason. If we are compelled to cancel your holiday before departure for any other reason, we will strive to offer alternative arrangements of a similar standard and price, if available.




9.1 Accommodating Special Needs

We endeavour to accommodate special needs and requests, but we cannot guarantee that all our tours will be suitable for individuals with special needs, including wheelchair accessibility.


9.2 Booking Refusal

Star Tours maintains the right to decline a booking or service based on the suitability of a tour for an individual passenger.


9.3 Special Requests

(a) If you have special needs or requests, please inform us in writing. It should be noted that making a request does not guarantee that it will be accommodated.

(b) Requests for services such as packed breakfast should be directed to the respective hotel, and the client will bear any additional costs. Star Tours cannot guarantee or be held responsible for such services.


9.4 Assistance During the Tour

We cannot provide personalised assistance for walking, dining, or other personal needs.


9.5 Accessibility Concerns

If step-free access is a critical requirement for your tour, we strongly advise consulting with our sales team before booking to understand the suitability of various amenities.


9.6 Group Travel Requests

To travel with another party, ensure that you are in the same booking, have identical pickup/drop-off points, and are scheduled for the same tour. We cannot guarantee that such arrangements will always be possible due to uncontrollable circumstances. Adjustments cannot be made to accommodate requests to travel together if not informed at time of booking.


9.7 Language of the Tours

Please note that all our tours are conducted in English.




10.1 Grounds for Refusal or Termination

We may refuse a booking or terminate your holiday under the following circumstances without offering compensation or a refund:


  1. Failure to disclose relevant medical conditions or disabilities requiring special assistance.
  2. Inability to cope with the holiday demands.
  3. Engaging in actions likely to cause distress or harm to others or damage to properties.


10.2 End of Responsibility Upon Termination

Our responsibility ends when we terminate the holiday under the conditions stated in clause 9.


10.3 Consequences of Termination

Terminating your holiday under this clause does not entitle you to a refund or compensation.




11.1 Excursion Availability

Not all optional or additional excursions listed may be available during your tour.


11.2 Limitations on Our Liability

Our liability regarding any loss, damage, or injury you might suffer due to the holiday is limited under specific circumstances and governed by applicable international conventions.


11.2 (a) Unforeseeable Circumstances

We will not be liable for issues arising from circumstances beyond our or our suppliers’ control, which could not have been foreseen or prevented with due care. Compensation will not be given for delays to unforeseen circumstances.


11.2 (b) Carrier’s Conditions

Your travel as part of the holiday may be subject to the carrier's conditions of carriage, which may limit their liability as per international conventions.


11.2 (c) Coach Breakdown

regarding coach breakdowns, we limit our liability to reimbursing the amount paid to the supplier for missed attractions as per our contracted rates. While we will attempt to replace or repair the coach promptly, delays might occur due to uncontrollable reasons. We reserve the right to use a replacement coach to complete the journey, which may not offer the same amenities as the original coach.




12.1 Star Tours will not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for the following situations involving the passenger or their co-traveller:


a) Any issues arising from the loss or destruction of passports/travel documents before or during the tour, including any additional expenses incurred due to such events.

b) Personal injury, delays, sickness, accidents, death, discomfort, increased expenses, consequential loss and/or damage due to theft or injuries, regardless of how they occurred.

c) Temporary or permanent loss/damage to baggage/personal effects, regardless of the cause, including wilful negligence by any person.

d) Loss of baggage during air, cruise line, or ground transportation.

e) An airline or airport personal preventing a tour participant from boarding the aircraft for reasons beyond Star Tours' control.

f) An airline failing to accommodate tour participants despite holding confirmed tickets.

g) Damage or loss caused due to events beyond Star Tours' control (including force majeure events and exceptional circumstances).


12.2 Star Tours’ liability arising from this contract regarding your holiday, tour, or excursion, will not exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the holiday, and will not include any consequential loss or additional expenses in any case.


12. You are responsible for checking in for flights and coaches and presenting yourself at pre-booked attractions at the specified times while on holiday. Star Tours will not be liable for any missed flights due to late check-ins or late arrivals, and no credit or refunds will be issued for failing to utilise any component of your tour.


12.4 The hotels utilised may not feature amenities such as air-conditioning, fans, kettles, and other services you may be accustomed to. While efforts are made to contract hotels offering these amenities, there is no guarantee. In the event of non-functioning or unavailable amenities, no compensation will be provided.




13.1 Should you encounter any issues or have complaints during your holiday, promptly notify the relevant supplier (e.g., hotel owner) and our tour representative to facilitate immediate resolution. If unresolved, lodge a formal complaint within 28 days of your holiday’s conclusion.


13.2 For complaints involving the negligence of our suppliers, subcontractors, or agents, and not Star Tours or its employees, no liability will be assumed if the issue is not reported immediately during the tour, following the above procedure.


13.3 We aim to address complaints within 28 days; however, responses might be delayed due to investigations and waiting for feedback from suppliers or third parties. Disputes or claims arising from your contract or holiday must adhere to the ABTA arbitration scheme or be taken to the courts of England and Wales, which hold exclusive jurisdiction. For further details on the arbitration scheme, visit the ABTA website at www.abta.com.


13.4 Failing to adhere to this complaint procedure diminishes our ability to investigate and address your concerns while on the tour, thereby affecting your rights under this contract.




14.1 General Provisions

(a) Application

The passengers are responsible for allocating sufficient time for passport applications based on the guidelines provided by relevant embassies. Star Tours may impose additional charges for visa services beyond the standard fees during peak periods.

(b) Travel Documents

Passengers must ensure they secure all requisite travel documents before the start of the tour. Those processing visas with Star Tours should note that visa acquisition cannot be guaranteed, as the embassies hold the final authority. If a passenger fails to secure necessary travel documents after confirming the tour, the cancellation policy outlined in these terms and conditions will apply.

(c) Visa service provision

The visa assistance service is available at an extra fee, separate from the holiday package cost. Passengers must provide all documents in one go; incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Star Tours determines the visa application submission date and is not liable for consulate decisions or any loss/damage of documents during the process. Visa approvals are at the consulate's discretion. Ensuring the correct visa before travel is the passenger’s responsibility. Failure to do so activates the cancellation policy noted in clause 5.1. Star Tours bears no responsibility for loss or damage to documents and passports during embassy procedures.

(d) In instances where Star Tours UK is managing your visa process and it is rejected, refused, or delayed by the consulate, cancellation charges will apply based on when the update is received prior to departure: an update received more than 10 days before departure will incur a 25% charge for coach tours and a 40% charge for flight & FIT tours; updates received within 10 days of departure will incur a 35% charge for coach tours and a 50% charge for flight & FIT tours. All visa fees and service charges are non-refundable.


14.2 Travel Disruptions

(a) Loss or Damage: Star Tours bears no responsibility for loss or damage to documents and passports during embassy procedures.

(b) Customs and Immigration: In case a passenger is detained or held back by governmental agencies, check in staff, or immigration officers in the destination country, or prior to boarding Star Tours will not bear any liability.  Affected passengers must arrange their onward journey independently.


14.3 Documentation Check

(a) Travel Document Verification: Passengers must scrutinise all travel documents issued in conjunction with the booking as soon as they receive them. Inconsistencies should be reported within 24 hours of receipt to avoid responsibility for associated amendment costs.

(b) Additional documentation requests.

If passengers are handling visa procedures independently, they must inform Star Tours in advance regarding any extra documentation required, such as hotel confirmation on a letterhead. Allow a preparation period of 7 to 10 working days for issuing such documents.

(c) Additional Passport Information (API): Certain airlines mandate API, and failure to provide this might result in denied boarding with no compensation or refund available from Star Tours.




15.1 Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all passengers have health and travel insurance from local providers before embarking on the journey.

15.2 Vaccinations and Health

(a) Check your countries Department of Travel & Health website for destination-specific vaccination requirements. Maintain records of medical conditions and medications. Adhere to COVID-19 vaccination/testing guidelines.

(b) Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Individuals with severe allergies should take necessary precautions before the trip, as we cannot guarantee allergen-free environments.

Star Tours cannot be held accountable for actions of other passengers that may trigger someone's allergies.




16.1 Liability

You shall bear the costs for any damage or loss caused by you or your party during the tour, failing which you will be liable for any resultant claims or legal actions.

16.2 Lost Property Star Tours is not responsible for recovering lost property due to safety and legal considerations.




We insist that all travellers secure travel insurance before the journey, preferably at the time of booking your holiday, to initiate immediate coverage.




Being an ABTA (W8770) member and holding an ATOL License (5639) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, we adhere to ABTA's Code of Conduct, ensuring a high standard of service. More information about your financial protections and recourse in cases of service non-provision due to insolvency are detailed in the ATOL certificate and can be referred to on www.abta.com.




We abide by the UK GDPR and national data protection laws, only processing your data with your explicit consent or as legally required or permitted. We prioritise protecting your data from unauthorised third parties, and you can choose to opt-out of our communications by writing to our specified address.




While the information provided by Star Tours LTD was accurate as of October 2023, we cannot be held accountable for unforeseen changes or force majeure events affecting the availability of services, amenities, and access to various sites. It advised to verify the status with us before making any plans.



Terms and Conditions for Front Seats


  1. Front seat booking is available at a charge of £15 per day, applicable for the entire tour duration, without the possibility of splitting or exchanging the service with other passengers. Only adults can occupy the front seats; children and infants are not allowed.
  2. Paid front seats are subject to availability.
  3. Star Tours maintains the right to change the seat assignment and refund the seat booking amount, if necessary, due to various reasons recognised as valid by Star Tours LTD and its affiliates.
  4. Booking cancellations solely based on the unavailability of front seats are not permitted; additionally, if a booking is cancelled, the front seat cost is subjected to a 100% cancellation fee.
  5. Alterations to the departure dates, initiated by either the customer or Star Tours, do not guarantee front seat availability in the new booking, though a refund will be facilitated for the front seats if unavailable.
  6. Front seats may not offer extra leg room or superior features compared to other seats. Front seats will be allocated behind the driver or courier depending on coach layout of tour guide microphone.
  7. Once confirmed, front seat bookings cannot be cancelled and are subjected to a 100% cancellation charge; these bookings are also non-transferable.
  8. While occupying a front seat, wearing your seat belt is always compulsory.
  9. Pregnant individuals, with medical conditions, or other circumstances preventing them from assisting other passengers in emergencies, are ineligible for front seat booking.
  10. Star Tours reserves the right to offer any unsold front seats according to its seating policy at no extra cost.
  11. The front seat booking facility is exclusively available for EU group tours.
  12. Front seats can only be purchased in pairs, thereby excluding single travellers from availing this service, or for groups of more than two and families.


Terms for Availing Special Discounts of 5%, 7%, and 10%


  1. The special offer discount applies only to adults and children aged above 2 years, excluding infants.
  2. The discount is applied solely to the tour cost, excluding optional add-ons, seat supplements, flights, pickups, visas, or other additional costs.
  3. This offer is available to the initial 500 passengers to book their tour.
  4. 10% discount and 7% discount is valid until November 30, 2023, & applies exclusively to bookings paid in full. This encompasses all European group tours (both coach and flight packages) as well as multi-day UK tours scheduled for 2024, barring the departures in January 2024. Post-November 30, the extension or alteration of this offer remains at our discretion.
  5. Bookings not paid in full within 24 hours of initiation will automatically receive a 5% discount, if applicable.
  6. The 5% discount will cease after January 31, 2024, affecting selected European group tours and UK day tours planned for 2024. Should the offer be extended past this date, it will not apply during the Easter, May Bank holiday, or Spring Bank Holiday tours. The discount will also not be extended to flight tours thereafter.
  7. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, early bird specials, or any future discounts introduced by Star Tours LTD.
  8. The discount will only be validated once the minimum payment is received, being applied to the final outstanding balance.
  9. Any amendments to a booking post the discount period will result in the forfeiture of the discount.
  10. All discounts are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  11. Star Tours retains the right to withdraw this offer at any point without prior notification.
  12. Should additionally packages or passengers be incorporated into the original booking post the offer expiration date, the discount will not apply.
  13. Star Tours employees, partners, or affiliates, and those of its subsidiaries, are not eligible for this offer.
  14. Star Tours holds the right to rectify any pricing errors.
  15. Amendments to the original booking, including passenger cancellation, tour downgrades, name changes, and date changes will nullify the discount and incur standard terms and conditions charges.


Loyalty points


  1. Points are earned based on the total tour cost, excluding extras, and are assigned after booking verification; Points will not be granted in conjunction with other offers or on bookings made through third parties, including online travel agents and industry operators.
  2. Loyalty points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers.
  3. Points are valid for a period of 24 months from the date they are credited, after which they will be removed from the account.
  4. Loyalty points are activated only upon the completion of the tour and are linked exclusively to the email address used during booking; the same email must be utilised for redeeming points. Points from multiple accounts for groups cannot be combined for purchases.
  5. Once redeemed, points are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  6. In the case of a refund for a tour, the loyalty points awarded for that specific tour will be withdrawn from the account.
  7. Points will not be retroactively applied or available for tours booked using existing points, additional excursions, front seat bookings, or partner tours and excursions.
  8. Members can resign from the loyalty scheme at any time through a formal request sent by post or email to Star Tours LTD.
  9. Star Tours LTD retains the right to amend membership details and the terms and conditions of the loyalty scheme at any time without notice.
  10. All disputes arising from the loyalty scheme will be governed by the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  11. The daily points reward rate is 100 for all European mainland tours and 200 for all UK domestic tours. This can be changed without prior notice.
  12. Modified, cancelled, or changed tours will not be eligible for loyalty point rewards.
  13. If the loyalty scheme is discontinued, the accumulated points will no longer hold any value and cannot be used for any services within Star Tours LTD.
  14. Star Tours LTD reserves the right to terminate any loyalty account without notice, irrespective of the number of accrued points.


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